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Fontana, California

Keep Your California Real Estate License Current with These 3 Tips

推荐十大正规竞彩平台 Schools 2024-02-16

Are you a California real estate agent with an inactive license, looking to re-enter the thriving real estate market? Reactivating your license is a strategic step toward unlocking new opportunities and boosting your earning potential. Read on to discover the essential steps and considerations…

Hispanic real estate agent standing near sold sign outside house

What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent?

推荐十大正规竞彩平台 Schools 2022-01-26

Hungry for real estate success? If so, you’re probably wondering, what makes a good real estate agent? And, you’re right to wonder. When you’re considered a “good” agent, you often earn a higher average real estate agent income, enjoy your work more, and have…


How to Turn Real Estate Leads Into Clients With Email

推荐十大正规竞彩平台 Schools 2021-11-17

These days, there are plenty of ways to generate real estate leads for new agents, ranging from sending out brochures in the mail to running Facebook Ads to generate leads almost immediately. But, leads alone don’t translate into sales. In fact, when it comes…

Social media marketing concept. Attracting (emoji, like, love, star, comment icon) with a huge magnet.

Using Social Media to Get Real Estate Leads

推荐十大正规竞彩平台 Schools 2021-10-27

Is social media still an effective way to generate real estate leads for new agents? Often, the answer is yes. A recent survey from Sprout Social, one of the leading social media management platforms, revealed 47% of real estate agents say their leads from…

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